Thank you Dr. Dionne for introducing me to mindfulness I tell everyone how great it is!  As a parent, the bond has been the biggest protective factor against peers and society! My daughter is about to be 18 in June I hope our family values and bond is what guides her to make wise choices even without us being there. I believe being present with your children shows them that they are important, loved and valued and will help them through out life. My sons 9th Birthday was this past Sunday, it was enjoyable because I was grateful to be present as he played, watch him smile and laugh, I didn’t worry about the other things (because Birthday parties can be hectic). Being mindful also lets you learn about your child and what is going on in their lives. Connection with family, culture, ancestry is what is the foundation for a child as they grow to become a health adult and will carry with them. MIndful Families hits close to home as my children are growing and mindfulness has been a big part of my life to help with balance and transitions.
                                                                                                      Anabelle Miranda, LMFT