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Coaching for a Discovery Journey of designing your most beautiful life.


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Mindful Discover Session – 75 minutes – $199

I meet every client where they are at. My goal is to get you connected to your truest most beautiful life. Work with me for a custom designed program aimed at your most authentic, beautiful life. We start with where you’re at and what’s not working and get to your truest, most authentic life and design the roadmap to get you on that journey.

We create a custom designed map that is a blend of Somatic, Mindfulness, Narrative, and Expressive Art Interventions that support new habits and positive change. I use a process that starts with a mindful approach, and blends ancient wisdom with science, to create a growth experience (depending on what your asking is) designed to help you navigate transition, seek and gain wisdom, heal, thrive, develop a wider lens of what’s possible, get more into a better alignment with the essence of who you are, or simply cope in healthier ways.


Interested in being part of a Story Exploration Group tapping into the wisdom of old stories? Currently forming. Inquire today.

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Story Medicine Quest 

Indigenous (Turtle Mountain Chippewa) Psychologist and Storyteller (Drama Therapist), Renda Dionne Madrigal reminds us that we live in a story whether we know it our not and that story shapes our physical health and wellbeing into the future. When we tap into our ancestral and archetypal strengths we discover an orientation to ourselves, other people, and the world that’s more rooted and aligned with our essential self. As we connect with that which is essential to our being, we develop a more meaningful life and become more intentional about the story we live within. Walk with Renda as she helps you open the portal to the story you were born to live.

Part 1 The ASKING

In Part One, we work with ancestral strengths as allies, and journeys into the strengths from our heritage and ancestral lands to inform us of the important values that can provide us with a north star orientation. It is here that we will remember our belonging and connect with our ancestral allies. The focus  is also on story and recognizing key archetypal energies working in our lives, and how they can inform and support our journey. It is here we will meet something essential to our authentic self.

Part Two: The SEEKING

Part two works with storylines that alter our path and how this impacts our aim (goals and intentions). We will work with identifying those pivotal moments that shape the trajectory of our lives and develop skills to regulate the just right creative fire so we don’t burn too hot or not at all and we are able to move forward to something essential in our sense of purpose and calling. It is here that we will meet our call to action. We also focus on obstacles that get in our way, terrify us, infuriate us, confuse us (obscure our view), and block our way forward. We will identify these obstacles. Understand what they can teach us  and develop skills and resources so we can meet these challenges in a way that expands as opposed to constricts our life. It is here that we will develop insights and weave straw into gold.  (Everything is bearable if we can make a story of it- Momaday)

Part Three: The MAKING 

In Part Three, we will map the story we must travel, identifying the lands and positioning our allies and resources, identifying the tasks necessary to complete for the journey forward to an intentional, essential life. It is here that we will come to more truly understand the journey we are on and what is required.  We will be able to locate ourselves within our essential story. Stories never end. In the final section, we will come to resolution for now through embodied, creative, shared ritual. We will see our preferred path into the future as we weave our essential character into a living mythology with a performative art piece reflecting the essential life journey that we are on and finding the wisdom gained from this leg of our journey. It is in this module that we will manifest our current vision.