Anxiety is overwhelming and it can hijack your life, leaving you overwhelmed, indecisive, paralyzed. Avoiding life instead of living it. I know change can be terrifying. Especially change that rocks you to your core. Whether you are seeking wisdom, have lost your way, or simply need better coping skills, I offer a unique approach based on cultivating skills & strengths, and building confidence and excitement for a life that lights you up! 

Coaching, Not Therapy: A Collaborative (Powerful approach) to living a life. 

Live the truest most beautiful life you can imagine.

I offer a unique, strength based, process that is not your typical growth and change model.

You only have one life. Make it count.

My model is based on my Turtle Mountain Chippewa heritage, and work in  

Mindfulness (based on my training at UCLA, Stanford, and with Zen master Thich Naht Hahn),  

Somatic Experiencing (body focused work based on my work with Peter Levine), and  

Story Medicine (training in drama therapy and expressive arts, Stanford applied compassion training, and creative writing through the Institute of American Indian Arts).  

My approach combines direct skills with creativity and instinctual awareness drawing wisdom from your inner life, which then affects what happens in your outer life. Through a creative, holistic approach you learn embodied mindfulness practices—practical, accessible skills – for greater coping, peace, ease, and alignment.  

But it doesn’t stop there.  

Story Medicine allows you to connect with something more authentic, working with imagination in story form to gain allies, tools, and resources to apply to your journey of manifesting the life you want. Did you know that Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge and that neuroscience has discovered that creative spaces bring in more neural (brain) vision and bigger vision.  

A Story Medicine Quest involves being more intentional about the story you are living which can change everything.  Walk with me on a collaborative journey to opening the portal to the story you were born to live.  

Packages and Quests are tailored to fit your busy life. Sessions are online and scheduled to easily fit within your week.